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What we do

BDB e.V. is a non-governmental organisation comprising of people with different cultural backgrounds who are involved in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, asylum and gender. BDB has set itself the goal of overcoming the exclusion and discrimination of so-called “minorities”. The focus here is on working against ethnic discrimination / racism (discrimination based on descent, culture, “skin colour” and nationality). In practice, people are usually not just discriminated against for just one characteristic, such as skin colour, but rather at the interface of two or more characteristics. This is called multi-dimensional discrimination! Our work focuses are as follows:

  1. Short- and long-term counselling of people who are affected by discrimination and racism We listen to what you have experienced and join you in your search for a solution to deal with it.
  1. Training and further education We offer training and further education to make people aware of this problem and to prevent further discrimination (prevention work). We offer empowerment workshops for victims of racism so that they can strengthen themselves against it. We also offer training sessions on diversity and intercultural competence – also for groups and institutions. Please enquire if interested!
  1. Political work BDB makes the public aware of discrimination issues through events, publications and campaigns and does lobbying and networking work to advance the legal situation in this area. We offer the opportunity to discuss and engage in various topics in the field of racism (e.g. racial profiling, legislation, bullying and riots at school, health care, the workplace…). We look forward to seeing you!


The values BDB stands for:

  • People should addressed and be taken seriously regardless of their social position and regardless of how much knowledge or contact they have had with these issues.
  • Anti-racist counselling, trainings and political action should lead to more dignity for everyone, not to subjugation and powerlessness of those involved.
  • Anti-racist and discrimination-awareness trainings should provide opportunities to speak about the topics that move participants in an uncensored but respectful way.
  • Dealing with difference and racism in society starts with turning the mirror on yourself: reflecting on your own position in society, on the images you have learned to have of yourself and others and on your own values and interests.
  • The aim of counselling is to accompany and empower those affected by discrimination by informing them, encouraging them and supporting them.
  • We want to support victims in becoming more involved in German society and political structures.
  • We would like to promote consciousness and awareness for the topics of discrimination and racism and advocate equality in all areas of politics, economy and society.


BDB e.V. was founded in 1996 by a wide range of self-organisations with the goal of providing anti-discrimination and empowerment services by and for people with experience with racism.

BDB developed in various phases. In 1996, BDB was named the Office Against Ethnic Discrimination in Berlin and Brandenburg. The founding members included: Europe-Africa Cultural Centre, Polish Social Council, Southeastern Europe Culture Association, Tüfoyat and Tübiks Association and VIA Regional Association Berlin-Brandenburg. With the expansion of its radius of action from the municipal to the national level, in 2000 the “Alliance Against Ethnic Discrimination in the Federal Republic of Germany” e.V. was founded (BDB), and its member associations primarily consisted of self-organised migrant and refugee organisations.

By 2007 BDB had experienced a shift in its issue focuses and structures, such that BDB decided to change the name of the association from the Coalition Against Ethnic Discrimination e.V. (BDB) to Association for Anti-Discrimination and Education Work in the Federal Republic of Germany e.V. (BDB) in the year 2007. The aims of our association are as follows: “To promote equal opportunities as well as structural changes in politics and society according to the horizontal approach of Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty and AGG by means of the pedagogical education work in youth and adult education (school curricula and instruction, training courses, supervision, praxis consultation, coaching, multiplier training)”.

BDB was a pioneer in all areas of anti-discrimination work. The association founded one of the first offices for anti-discrimination counselling in Germany in 1996. In 2007, BDB wrote “Recognize and Fight Discrimination!” with other anti-discrimination offices in Germany. It is a manual for anti-discrimination counselling based on the General Equal Opportunities Act (AGG).

BDB was one of the pioneers in the development of awareness-raising work with security agencies / police and government administration throughout Germany, both at the individual level with training sessions as well as at the structural level through discussion and exchange with these institutions. For nearly 20 years BDB worked with the Berlin police department to discuss its organisational structures and carry out awareness training sessions with their trainees and employees.

In the area of networking and lobbying work, BDB has been active not only at the local level, but also at the regional, national, European and international level. 2001 BDB joined the Network Against Racism, Forum Against Racism and also the European Network Against Racism. In the same year, the BDB took part in the “World Conference against Racism” in Durban, South Africa organised by the United Nations. As a result of this, BDB was then also involved in the exchange between civil society and the federal government regarding the continued development of the National Action Plan of the Federal Republic of Germany to Fight Racism. In 2007, the BDB was one of the founding member organisations of the National Anti-Discrimination Alliance in Germany (advd).


Our team

Our members are people with different cultural backgrounds who are involved in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, asylum and gender.

The trainers, organisational consultants and supervisors are professionally trained in the fields of anti-discrimination, anti-racism, democracy education, intercultural communication and human rights education and in educational approaches including Bezavta, Social Justice, Anti-Bias, “Eine Welt der Vielfalt”, art and theatre pedagogy as well as Global Learning.

Our anti-discrimination counsellors are trained according to the standards of the National Anti-Discrimination Alliance in Germany.

Our members communicate regularly with political players and administrative institutions as well as other non-governmental organisations and migrant organisations.