We also go out on the streets and engage in discussion with the public and different communities on issues such as racial profiling, legislation, mobbing in schools, health care or labour market discrimination. If you are organising an event yourself that you would like us to be a part of, please feel free to contact us!


Would you like to support us and our work? Are you looking for people with whom you can exchange views on the issues of unequal treatment, discrimination or racism? Do you want to get involved against these issues? We offer a space for your ideas and activities! Please write or call us with your concerns and interests!

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Networking & political committee work

One of the fundamental pillars of BDB’s work is political networking and advocacy. BDB’s political activities aim at reforming German political and legal structures. The BDB worked actively to support the development of the EU Anti-discrimination Directives and lobbied for an Anti-discrimination Law in Germany.

BDB focuses on the following issues in their networking and political advocacy work: the participation and representation of minorities, intercultural openness, structural changes in German society, politics and economy, the continued development of the General Equal Opportunities Act (AGG) at the national and state level, as well as legal and practical support for persons affected by discrimination and racism.

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