Project Description

Bunyan Tree Project

With the Banyan Tree Project we want to counter discrimination against people with an Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepali background. Like a banyan tree, many people try to put down roots in Germany. However, this is not always easy due to experiences of discrimination. That is why BDB e.V. would like to develop a support network against discrimination that enables people from these regions in particular to live a peaceful and powerful everyday life.

Bunyan Tree Project Survey 2018

To prepare this project, we surveyed people living in Germany with roots in India, Pakistan, Nepal or Bangladesh about their experiences in Germany from May to August 2018, especially with regard to discrimination. This survey was conducted in English, German, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali and Bangla. We asked how people from these regions are treated and what support structures are still needed, especially in terms of counselling. With this we hope to create an offer that meets the needs of these target groups.

Many thanks to all who participated!

Here are the results of the survey:

Banyan Umfrage Analyse – Summary

Bunyan Tree Community Building

Seeing the strong connectivity of the existing community on online platforms, we aim to extend our support and service on Facebook and Instagram by providing outreach programs and counseling. We will also include public awareness information, for example, what is racism and discrimination and what are my rights in Germany as an immigrants.

Our Facebook-page is: “BDB e.V. Banyan Tree Project”. Please look us up and like us!

We understand and respect fear in the community of contacting us over social media. For a meeting with us per email, telephone or in person in our office in Berlin-Wedding, please contact us for an appointment:


Telephone: 030 / 216 88 84