Project Description

Diaspora Mittendrin

Diaspora Mittendrin: Empowerment of Black people through anti-discrimination counselling and educational offers.

Since 2016, the BDB e.V. has been carrying out the project “Diaspora Mittendrin” for the empowerment of Black people, Afrodiasporic people and people of African origin with a migration history through various empowerment offers. Our goal is to improve the living situation of Black people and to give them a stronger voice in society through our diverse services.

Our team consists of experienced counsellors who have themselves experienced racism and offer peer-to-peer counselling. This means that our counsellors are also Black people with a migration history and can therefore respond particularly well to the needs and experiences of those seeking advice. We work intersectionally and also take into account other grounds of discrimination such as age, disability, income and gender.

In addition to anti-discrimination counselling, we also offer empowerment workshops and information events on various topics in the field of anti-discrimination, with a focus on racism. Our events are aimed at community organisations, associations and groups that are interested in hosting such an event.

We believe that everyone has the right to live free from discrimination. That is why we are committed to empowering Black people and fighting racism. If you need support or have questions about what we offer, please feel free to contact us.

The project is funded by: