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Banyan Tree Project          

We are developing the Banyan Tree project to address discrimination towards people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Like the banyan tree, many people are trying to re-create their roots in Germany. However, this not always easy,in part due to experiences with discrimination. BDB e.V. would like to develop a support network against discrimination that gives people peaceful shade and resilient strength like the branches of a banyan tree.

To prepare this project, we asked people living in Germany who are of Indian, Pakistani, Nepali or Bangladeshi descent to let us know a little bit about their experience in terms of discrimination in Germany, as well as about their access to support in dealing with it. We set up a survey from May to August 2018 to gain a better understanding of how people from these countries are being treated and which structures for support they still might need. This survey took place in English, German, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali and Bangla.  With this we hope to build a counseling and outreach program which really meets these groups’ needs.

We thank everyone who participated in this survey. Here are the results: Banyan_Survey Analysis _Summary_English


 Diaspora Mittendrin: Empowerment for Black Migrants   

Have you been treated worse than others in your everyday life, in your job or by the public offices just because you have a different skin colour or other nationality — or do you know someone who has experienced this?

This is discrimination! You do not need to accept these actions and situations! It is your right to feel maltreated and to defend yourself against this!

Black people face a specific form of racism. For this reason, BDB developed the project „Diaspora Mittendrin“ to address the special situation of Black migrants, offering the following services:

Counselling: We listen to you and search for a solution with you – free of charge. We come to your home or meet you in our office. Counselling is offered by Black people with a migrant background.

Workshops und Trainings to empower and strengthen you and your community in facing issues of discrimination! Tell us what you need! Our workshops and networking offers are free of charge.

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

from 11 am – 3 pm 


Please make an appointment, also outside the opening hours.

Contact Information:

030-216 88 84



Sprengelstrasse 15

13353 Berlin

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The underground station is full, and the only identification papers the police want to see are yours. This is part of everyday life of people with dark skin or eye-colour or who wear “different” clothing. When the police chooses people based on these things, this is unjust and unequal treatment, that is discrimination. Sometimes they do this because they as individuals don’t realize they are swayed by their stereotypes. However, this is also part of an unofficial practice called “racial profiling”.

How can you deal with this situation with more dignity, without it escalating into violence?

As part of our antiracism work, BDB eV has created this flyer in order to empower and support people in this unjust situation with practical information. We would like to contribute to the de-escalation of these situations and to help make the public and state institutions aware of this problem. BDB_Racial Profiling_Flyer_Englisch_Okt 2017

PK Ban Racial Profiling. Gefährliche Orte abschaffen

Grundsatzerkla_rung_Racial Profiling




Closing Position Paper in German: Abschlussstellungnahme14.6.2018